ViviFocus VS35-HD Mini Portable Android Smart Projector (With Built-In Battery)

Product Details
MODEL ViviFocus VS35-HD
RESOLUTION WXGA (1280 x 800)
WEIGHT 0.5 kg

More Information

iviFocus VS35-HD Mini Portable Android Smart Projector (With Built-in Battery)

Main Features

  • 350 ANSI Lumens
  • WXGA (1280 x 800) & 4K UHD Supported
  • Android OS, Wi-Fi (2.4G + 5G) & Bluetooth
  • Auto Focus, Auto Keystone, Auto Rotate
  • Built in Battery, Speaker,
  • HDMI, USB, AV, LAN, Audio, Micro SD Slot
  • Built in Touchpad
  • 3D / Blue-ray 3D
  • DLNA / Airplay / Mirroring
  • Wireless Connection with Phones / Tablets / PC
  • 30,000 Hours LED Life
  • Weight : 563g

Active Shutter 3D Display

VS35-HD Swift bring you a stunning 3D experience with the use of active 3D shutter glasses. Furthermore,  the active shutter 3D effect views with no pixel loss.

Enhanced Purity In Full Colors

Brightness are sought by many but too much will be same as a photo with over exposure. With 90%+ NTSC ,   VS35-HD Swift generate accurate and natural colors suited for all human eyes.  

HDMI and Audio Bluetooth

VS35-HD Swift unlike any others, worry-free when HDMI source audio connection with Bluetooth devices. Working just fine inVS35-HD Swift.

Carries balanced RGB color

Ever experience seeing blue tint lines or omni-shape spot image? Innovative LED with balance RGB wheel color this resolved in VS35-HD Swift promising vibrance and color shade details performance.


Duplicate your Windows Notebook or your Macbook screen wirelessly onto VS35-HD Swift
without any additional device.

Elegant Champagne

Color brings out its class; suitable for formal and informal occasions. Fret not, for VS35-HD special coating protects it from scratches and fingerprints.

Simple And Easy To Use

No user manual needed, it is as simple as using your smart phone. Big Screen packed needless to say, WIFI is for accessing internet, Bluetooth is for wireless audio streaming to your favourite bluetooth speakers. Not forgetting the commonly use apps such Powerpoint, excel, YoutubeHD, NetflixHD and many more …

VS35-HD Swift May Be Small

but it transforms your viewing experience  with a 300inch projection. And it isn’t just the imagery that’s huge.  VS35-HD has a multitude of connectivity features, making it easy to share any kind of media for any kind of situation. Either connected it wirelessly, or with HDMI and USB,VS35-HD making it easy to view and share any kind of entertainment, powerpoint presentation and even numbers on excel.

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